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We perform questionnaire with New Year's present!

We appreciate your being always reading public information "Fukuyama". We carry out "questionnaire with New Year's present" to utilize opinion of everybody for the making of future public information paper. We present one of the prizes (A - K) to hope for to 100 people from questionnaire respondent by lot. Application is only for in citizens resident in the city once per person. We cannot reply individual question. We use personal information for present shipment and survey by readers. Application period January 3, 2018 (on Wednesday...

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The town Fukuyama mystery literary rookie of the year title of election for Soji Shimada eleventh rose

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Hometown tax of Fukuyama-shi

Fukuyama online channel

Attractive rediscovery site of Bingo sphere

Job hunting Fukuyama

Association of sightseeing convention

HP special for iroha-maru case 150 years

Fukuyama-shi town development support center

Bingo industry support site

The stage of movie, drama is Fukuyama, Tomo-no-Ura

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Population and the number of the households of Fukuyama-shi

Population: 470,673 | Man: 229,116 | Woman: 241,557 | Household: 206,844 households
As of the end of December, 2017