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Cafe "LADY WORK CAFE" for girl student opening

Cafe "LADY WORK CAFE" for girl student (rediwa) opened! We send company and charm of Bingo sphere discovery & in this cafe including Fukuyama-shi. We hold various events with entrance fee for free every month. It is place granting "we want to know and want to be connected and want to tell" of girl student. What is rediwa? The female college student staff of Fukuyama-shi plays a key role, and plan is cafe for girl students running. Target person high school student, vocational school student, short-term university student, university student...

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The stage of movie, drama is Fukuyama, Tomo-no-Ura

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Population and the number of the households of Fukuyama-shi

Population: 470,804 | Man: 229,031 | Woman: 241,773 | Household: 206,135 households
As of the end of May, 2017