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homeishu (homeishu)

Publication day to display page for print: March 3, 2014 update

It was played with opening that local sake which herb doctor, Kichibee Nakamura of Osaka found in Tomo that dropped in at Dejima, Nagasaki on the way to buying of medicinal herb in the early period of Edo era pickled crude drug to "the effect liquor of Kibi", and after that the brewing was started as "jurokumijiohomeishu" in the current Otas house.
Because there was Fukuyama feudal clan as order liquor in medicinal drinks which pickled 16 kinds of herb in dai々homeishu in the Edo era, it spread as special product of Bingo.
Member of the Shogun's Council of Elders head (today's Prime Ministers) who Perry pressed for the foundation of a country, and came over to Japan at the time was Masahiro Abe of Fukuyama feudal lord. Therefore it means that homeishu was served in banquet to treat Perry party.
Four companies produced in Tomo-no-Ura area, and turned to JAPAN branding, and new product which raised the alcohol frequency was developed by marketing data in foreign countries now by the cause. In addition, product development such as castella and cake, cocktail utilizing homeishu is done.