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Welcome to the mayor's room

Greetings of the mayor

 We reach new age and express New Year's greetings heartily.

 By record heavy rain accompanied with typhoon of last September, October, serious damage occurred around East Japan. At first, we would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to people suffered from.

 It was age that reached the new times called "Reiwa" for our country last year.

 Furthermore, for Motoichi, it was year of turning point called 400 years from seal of Prince Katsunari Mizuno who was Fukuyama feudal clan first generation feudal lord with. Commemorative event is held in various places throughout the city and thinks whether there is much 2022 feeling upsurge for construction of a castle 400 years. Nickname of the Fukuyama Station north exit is hit in "Fukuyama Chengkou" and feels that Fukuyama-jo Castle comes to be got close nearer and nearer.

 Well, since appointment, I worked on five challenges while oldness and Fukuyama listened to voice of citizen's so that it was in vitality appropriate for base in eastern prefecture and city that shined filled with charm.

 We acted for reinforcement of reproduction and the Fukuyama north industrial housing complex in front of Fukuyama Station, people including maintenance promotion in Fukuyama road and urban infrastructure which attracted company. In addition, including Fukuyama neubora, we invested in children who carried expansion of the medical expenses furtherance of child, the future including air conditioner maintenance of elementary and junior high school chiefly. We pushed forward town development of history, culture including holding of the town of authorization and rose Fukuyama international music festival to inheritance of Tomo-no-Ura of Japan positively.

 And "it comprises "it comprises "we possess to frequent natural disaster" while we let you deepen five challenges from this year to decrease in population getting into full swing" as base city of Bingo" and, as the preparation of o three, makes efforts in some other time and is working.

 With the leadership, we will build foundation to the future in future. We will work with every effort sequentially to continue being Fukuyama emitting brightness 100 years later.

 I would like more support cooperation, and I wish, and the New Year does that it is age with much good luck for all of you with New Year's greetings.

The mayor photograph

January, 2020 (Raiwa 2)

Mayor Fukuyama Naoki Edahiro